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21 Nov 2014 7:05 PMUpdate 3.2.9

Change: Start time displayed in booking confirmation screens and emails now hides the time if 12:00am.

Fix: Position property on a ranked object was not defaulting to the next available position.

Fix: Search text was trying to search properties that did not have a column in the database table.

18 Nov 2014 4:21 PMUpdate 3.2.8

Change: Changed robots.txt to stop the indexing of certain folders.

Change: When the system detects a file not found in certain folders it is immediately returned with the error.

17 Nov 2014 11:00 AMUpdate 3.2.7

Change: Calendar View now loads Service Times by default.

Fix: Error in Definition Inspector due to upgrade of .Net Framework.

14 Nov 2014 5:00 PMUpdate 3.2.6

Fix: Error in Service Time object display format.

Change: Start Finish property for a Service Time object now use the upper and lower accuracy values when formatted.

14 Nov 2014 1:49 PMUpdate 3.2.5

Fix: Error in Users.xls import script.

6 Nov 2014 6:12 PMUpdate 3.2.4

New: Options on trading items can now include once off fees.

5 Nov 2014 3:16 PMUpdate 3.2.3

Fix: When a task is assigned to a user, the project will also be assigned to that user, if the project doesn't have a user assigned to it.

Fix: The generic email that is sent when a project or task is assigned, now links directly to the project or task.

Fix: Turned off autocomplete on captcha input fields. This will only affect captcha input fields on auto-generated forms.

Fix: New projects and tasks menu items were only visible to developers.

Fix: Properties or parameters with a drop down list and blank item with No Value Text when selected and submitted returned an error.

Fix: Error occurred after login to access a restricted page.

1 Nov 2014 12:32 PMUpdate 3.2.2

Fix: Base properties and methods were not available for custom business collections and their items.

29 Oct 2014 3:44 PMUpdate 3.2.1

New: Import script for exported Outlook (version 2010 or higher) CSV.

Fix: Unable to download CSV file.

28 Oct 2014 2:00 PMUpdate 3.2.0

New: Task Management System has been added. This system is fully integrated with other systems and requires a license for use.

Fix: Updated the Chilkat library to the latest version 32bit version.

28 Oct 2014 1:00 PMUpdate 3.1.3

Fix: Updated setup.aspx to redirect to home page instead of Configure Website.

4 Oct 2014 12:22 PMUpdate 3.1.2

Fix: Updated the Chilkat library to the latest version. The Chilkat library is a third party tool used to sending emails and checking for bounced emails.

1 Oct 2014 5:37 PMUpdate 3.1.1

New: Any menu items with the same URL as the current page will now have a class="current". This will allow you to style the current menu differently.

27 Sep 2014 6:32 PMUpdate 3.1.0

New: Search box added to collection view to easily search text properties for entered text.

21 Sep 2014 9:00 AMUpdate 3.0.14

Fix: The members price on a trading item is now only used for current members.

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