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1 Oct 2014 5:37 PMUpdate 3.1.1

New: Any menu items with the same URL as the current page will now have a class="current". This will allow you to style the current menu differently.

27 Sep 2014 6:32 PMUpdate 3.1.0

New: Search box added to collection view to easily search text properties for entered text.

21 Sep 2014 9:00 AMUpdate 3.0.14

Fix: The members price on a trading item is now only used for current members.

6 Sep 2014 9:00 AMUpdate 3.0.13

New: The class attribute has been added to the HTML tag with a value of either "js" (javascript) or "no-js" (no javascript). This enables alternate styles to be used when javascript is turned off.

New: Class "zoom" added to base.css styles. An element with this class will zoom or enlarge by 150% when hovered over. Using this class with classes "x2", "x3" or "x4" will increase the zoom by that factor.

1 Sep 2014 3:00 PMUpdate 3.0.12

Fix: When the freight calculation is based on dollars spent it is now calculated after discounts.

1 Sep 2014 9:00 AMUpdate 3.0.11

New: Can now add a control to a form called OnSuccessMessage which the value will be displayed when the form is saved as an object (PageType=ObjectView). Leaving the value blank will skip any message being displayed. If the control is not included on the form then the default message is displayed.

21 Aug 2014 9:00 AMUpdate 3.0.10

Fix: When more that one user logs in within the same session time it causes a concurrency violation due to the login process trying to update the Last Logged In date on the same record.

19 Aug 2014 9:00 AMUpdate 3.0.9

Fix: site map was not generating the product pages due to unable to detect currency because country/language unknown.

Fix: site map was timing out.

15 Aug 2014 9:00 AMUpdate 3.0.8

New: can now send email (from the Email Marketing System) to database by leaving all included groups as unselected.

Fix: when only the time part of a date time field was required an error occurred when trying to convert.

Fix: change the generator of the html head to output scripts last.

28 Jun 2014 9:00 AMUpdate 3.0.7

Fix: modified base styles to include html5 inputs.

New: included in base styles, columns can now be x5 and x6.

20 Jun 2014 9:00 AMUpdate 3.0.6

Fix: Delivery details by default are hidden when checking out for services booked.

17 Jun 2014 9:00 AMUpdate 3.0.5

Fix: Error when trying to upload a PDF - invalid mime type.

8 Jun 2014 9:00 AMUpdate 3.0.4

New: Can now set available quantity for each option combination of a trading item.

30 May 2014 9:00 AMUpdate 3.0.3

Fix: Also applied mime type checking to PageType MethodView and EmailForm.

29 May 2014 9:00 AMUpdate 3.0.2

Fix: Error when a file is uploade with an exceptable mime type but no binary signature exists for that mime type.

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