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29 Oct 2014 3:44 PMUpdate 3.2.1

New: Import script for exported Outlook (version 2010 or higher) CSV.

Fix: Unable to download CSV file.

28 Oct 2014 2:00 PMUpdate 3.2.0

New: Task Management System has been added. This system is fully integrated with other systems and requires a license for use.

Fix: Updated the Chilkat library to the latest version 32bit version.

28 Oct 2014 1:00 PMUpdate 3.1.3

Fix: Updated setup.aspx to redirect to home page instead of Configure Website.

4 Oct 2014 12:22 PMUpdate 3.1.2

Fix: Updated the Chilkat library to the latest version. The Chilkat library is a third party tool used to sending emails and checking for bounced emails.

1 Oct 2014 5:37 PMUpdate 3.1.1

New: Any menu items with the same URL as the current page will now have a class="current". This will allow you to style the current menu differently.

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