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28 Apr 2015 12:13 PMUpdate 3.5.1

Fix: When an email opened via "View in Browser" the links such as "Unsubscribe Me" no longer worked.

27 Apr 2015 4:09 PMUpdate 3.5.0

New: When sending an email campaign you can now merge to memberships with specific filters on status, expiry, etc. and the recipient will be the member.

New: When sending an email campaign you can now set up a custom merge to any collection item with a property related to a user. For example, merge to payments and the recipient will be the trading entity. This could be used to send out thank you for your payment letters.

New: When sending an email campaign the "View in Browser" has been added to the email output by default.

New: Can now merge the email subject using expressions in the subject. The expressions must be enclosed by ASP code block tags "<%=" and "%>". However, the expression must still be VB Script for now. Here are some examples:

  • Happy Birthday <%=FirstName%>
  • <%=Member.FirstName%> your membership to <%=Group.Title%> is expiring on <%=PropertyValueFormatted("ExpiresOn")%>

Fix: Unnecessary reloading of HTML for each email sent has been eliminated which will speed up the output and decrease memory and CPU usage.

16 Apr 2015 4:57 PMUpdate 3.4.18

Fix: When resending an email campaign in the same session it is possible that the recipients will receive it again.

8 Apr 2015 2:52 PMUpdate 3.4.17

Fix: Modified system folders names in URLs throughout to be in lower case and modified robots.txt to only accept lowercase.

7 Apr 2015 5:04 PMUpdate 3.4.16

Fix: Robots.txt was blocking scripts and stylesheets from being loaded by the search engines when indexing.

5 Apr 2015 2:42 PMUpdate 3.4.15

New: Added property Style Classes to Menu Item. This allows you to add CSS classes for styling.

Fix: Found unnecessary recalling of function which would have slowed the application and taken valuable processing power.

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