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10 Jan 2023 3:01 PMUpdate 4.19.3 Beta

Fix: When a method is not editable all parameters default values are used.

9 Jan 2023 1:43 PMUpdate 5.26.0 Alpha

New: GenerateHTMLFieldset works like GenerateHTMLSelect however outputs a fieldset of inputs of type radio when single select or checkbox when multiple select.

New: BusinessObject.ToFormValues returns a NameValueCollection of property values.

New: BusinessObject.MethodToFormValues returns a NameValueCollection of parameter default values.

New: BusinessObject.MethodToJSON returns JSON of parameter default values.

New: BusinessObject.MethodToXML returns XML of parameter default values.

New: BusinessObject.MethodToCSV returns CSV of parameter default values.

Fix: Replace HTML control values when preloading a form. Also, now sets radio buttons and checkboxes when used instead of selects.

9 Dec 2022 1:05 PMUpdate 5.25.0 Alpha

New: LoggedInUserStoredPaymentMethods will return the current logged in user's stored payment methods.

New: GetLoggedInOrSelectedUser, GetSelectedUser and GetLoggedInUser are now public if accessible.

New: PageTitle can now be added to an ASPX @Page directive.

New: PageTitle variable can now be used when merging any web page.

New: GetDateTimes function can be used in scripts and will return an array of date/times based on the parameters passed.

New: FormatArray function can be used in scripts and will format each element in an array with the specified format parameter passed.

New: Javascript function which can be used to toggle a class based on an input value such as a select control.

Update: Membership.AutoRenew now defaults to Invoice.

Fix: Email.GenerateHTML was showing the same image multiple times if they had the same filename but in different folders.

Fix: Group.GetActiveMembershipCount was returning an incorrect result in certain circumstances.

Fix: The system will not update links in a web page, to include the relative folder, which is starting with a protocol (i.e. https://), forward slash (/), hash (#) and now a dot(.).

Fix: Change to the base stylesheet to remove an indent style specifically for mozilla browsers due to error which they have now fixed.

Fix: Definition inspector error when creating a table.

Fix: Definition inspector changing type of a method parameter.