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Email marketing is a core component of any successful online marketing strategy.

The ability to capture website visitors email addresses and personal details, then consistently follow up with these prospects will significantly increase your website conversion rates.

Because The Internet Platform (TIP) comes with a built in email marketing system you don't have to worry about buying and integrating third party applications with your CMS.

With just a few simple clicks you will have a fully functional email marketing system ready to start communicating with your database.

This system can send out large, personalised email campaigns to an unlimited number of subscribers.

The Internet Platform’s Email Marketing System makes managing and growing your campaign and subscriber list so quick and easy because it is all controlled in the backend of your website. No logging into third party websites required.


  • Integration: It is fully integrated with the content management system so you get all the benefits and features of that system too.
  • Templates: Same as you can create templates for your website pages, you can also create templates or skins for your emails/newsletters. Have your graphic artist design your initial email template based on your website branding. You are then able to easily duplicate and/or edit this template to suit your needs.
  • Mail Merge: You can merge your documents with your subscriber details (such as first name, last name, company name, etc.) creating personalised emails/newsletters.
  • No Limits: You can add/edit unlimited subscribers, mailing lists, newsletters/email campaigns, and sending emails out to those subscribers is unlimited.
  • Automated Subscriptions: Your customers/members can quickly and easily subscribe or unsubscribe from your mailing lists via your website/email. This means no work on your end as well as making your business compliant with anti-spam laws.
  • Unsubscribe Statistics: When a customer/member unsubscribes they are asked why they are unsubscribing. Some reasons include: Content not relevant, too many emails, no time to read, Receiving it twice, etc. This allows you to analyse why they are unsubscribing.
  • Import Subscribers: Import your offline contacts and those not in your online database will be added, those already existing in your database will be updated, however their subscriptions to mailing lists will be unchanged to stay compliant with anti-spam laws.
  • Categorise Subscribers: Multiple mailing lists can be setup to categorise your subscribers so you can send tailored messages to your target market.
  • Filters: You can filter your subscribers by industries, regions, age range, birthdays, gender, how long they have been on the database, whether they have opened previous emails or not and whether they have clicked on links in previous emails.
  • Lists: Any list in the database can be merged; orders, memberships, contacts, etc. for example, the membership subscriptions can be merged for a renewal notice.
  • Sending: Send to members that have not received the email in a specified time, for example, send to contacts that have not received this email in 30 days.
  • Batch: The system will send the email to your list in batches, for example, 250 contacts every 30 minutes until the campaign is complete.
  • Tracking: Emails can be tracked when opened and when links in the email are clicked providing you with variable data to analyse what your recipients are viewing.
  • Bouncing: Detects bounced emails and automatically marks the recipient as having a bad email address so that they will no longer be emailed to until corrected.
  • Statistic Report: Produces a report to see how your email campaign has performed in regards to email receipts, opened, bounced, unsubscribed and links clicked.
  • Schedule: Allows you to setup scheduled times for when the emails are to be sent. For example, you may have a birthday card schedule to be sent out every day to subscribers that have a birthday.
  • Triggers: Set up triggers to subscribe or unsubscribe from mailing lists when the recipient opens or clicks on a link in an email.
  • Manage Subscribers: Using the online editors you can easily manage your subscribers/contacts.
  • Customisable Footer/Header Functions: You can customise default footer/header functions such as view in browser, forward to a friend, edit my details, unsubscribe me, etc. for the recipient to utilise.


View All...Recent Updates

26 Jun 2022 10:39 AMUpdate 5.20.1 Alpha

New: BusinessCollection.Import can now merge matched rows giving preference to either the imported row or existing row.

New: BusinessCollection.Import can now import from multiple line fields to one. If the property is of type MultipleLineText then the system will look for a column in the import ending in Line1, Line2, etc. For example, PostalAddressLine1, PostalAddressLine2 and PostalAddressLine3 will be imported into PostalAddress.

New: BusinessCollection.Import can specify the date format being imported as one of the following:

  • Day Month Year
  • Month Day Year
  • Year Month Day

New: Common.ConvertToDateTime(DateTimeText, GenericDateFormat) has been added to enable manual sorting within the parent group.

New: Group.Position has been added to enable manual sorting within the parent group.

New: All Articles menu item under content management.

New: Many functions on business objects have been modified to return self.

New: All object properties including application and collection now can specify where the Repository is.

Fix: Error when adding a promotion.

Fix: After adding a promotion it returns to the list.

Fix: An object's item and collection properties filter and sort attributes are no longer visible and cannot be edited by the user.

Fix: Group.GetActiveMembershipCount returns an error when Group.MaximumMemberships set.

Fix: The actual error when making a payment is now displayed correctly.

Fix: CollectionClassDefintion.GenerteHTML merge expressions.

18 Jun 2022 10:39 AMUpdate 5.20.0 Alpha

New: BusinessCollection.Import will now except JSON and XML.

New: BusinessCollection.Import new excepts two more parameters MatchItemBy which except a unique column name and UpdateMatches which specified whether to skip or update rows that match.

New: JSON and XML exports now include both the ID and FileName along with ToString in a sub-element for Item types. When an item's property is referenced (i.e. Country.Code) then the system will create a sub-element for it. When multiple are grouped together (i.e. Country,Country.Code,Country.Name) then they will be grouped in the same sub-elememt.

New: XML export format now uses the definition name as the element name and ID is a sub-element, not an attribute.

Fix: JSON export now has the correct file extension.

New: BusinessCollection.IsExistingItem and BusinessCollection.Item now except a dictionary of name value pairs. It will first look for FileName and if not available use ID.

New: BusinessCollection.FilterOnIDFileNameOrUniqueValues now except a dictionary or array of dictionary of name value pairs. It will first look for FileName and if not available use ID.

New: Common.XMLToObject converts xml to an array/dictionary the same format as Common.JSONToObject.

Fix: JSON export now has the correct file extension.

Fix: Submit name in defintion inspector.

13 Jun 2022 11:13 AMUpdate 5.19.0 Alpha

New: ValueDefinitionAttribute.StoreSessionOnly had been replaced by enumeration ValueDefinitionAttribute.Repository which indicate where the value is stored:

  • Database: stores in a column in the table.
  • More Info: stores the name and value in a JSON column named More Info.
  • Request: stores only for the current request.
  • Session: stores in the user's session state.
  • Application: stores in the application state.

New: JSON table column MoreInfo replaces XML table column CustomProperties to store the custom properties in a name value collection.

New: PaymentMethod.MoreInfo and Email.MoreInfo have been created to store the custom properties from the inherited classes. For example, SecurePayPaymentMethod.MerchantID, OrderEmail.OrderStatus, etc.

New: A table column has been created for each custom property and the following system properties:

  • GatewayPaymentMethod.ReconciliationRequired
  • GatewayPaymentMethod.VerificationRequiredWithStoredPaymentMethod
  • OrderItem.RegularPrice
  • ServiceBooking.AdditionalInformation

New: ClassDefinitionAttribute.BaseType returns one of the following:

  • BusinessApplication
  • BusinessCollection
  • BusinessCollectionItem

New: JavaScript function to create a tabs on the client-side. To use set class="tabs" on the container element. The same element must have a child element of nav, to hold the table of contents, and one or more elements with an id for each content section. For example:

<div class="tabs">
      <li><a href="#content-one"><span>Content Section One</span></a></li>
      <li><a href="#content-two"><span>Content Section Two</span></a></li>
      <li><a href="#content-three"><span>Content Section Three</span></a></li>
  <div id="content-one">Content section one here...</div>
  <div id="content-two">Content section two here...</div>
  <div id="content-three">Content section three here...</div>

New: Definition inspector has been overhauled with a new look. You can also add a collection class or property directly via the inspector and it will add the table or column in the database if need be.

New: The dashboard shop now lists all products to easily add products to the cart without multiple roundtrips to the server to do so. A client-side search and filter by category have also been added to make it easy for the customer to find what they want fast.

New: ItemTypes.InheritsRank is a calculated column on the table used for sorting.

New: CustomDefinitionNamesStartWith now defaults to underscore if not provided.

New: ValueDefinitionAttribute.SQLDataType returns the data type required to store the property value in an SQL table column. For example, HTML = nvarchar(max), ID = int, Money = decimal(19,3), etc.

Fix: Error in MoneyDefinitionAttribute.FormatValue when round to value is whole number.

Fix: Error in EnumerationDefinitionAttribute.CompareValues when enumeration name passed.

Fix: GetCollection now throws an appropriate error if not found.

Fix: To output of ConvertSiteToXHTMLCompliant.

Fix: To the attributes of the following properties:

  • AutomatedTask.URL
  • AutomatedTask.Duration
  • CourseResult.CompletedOn
  • Email.FromEmailAddress
  • Email.ReplyEmailAddress
  • Email.MergeCollection
  • Email.MergePropertyForRecipient
  • Email.MergeFilterExpression
  • Email.MergeSort
  • Order.DiscountTaxRate
  • Order.FreightTaxRate
  • OrderItem.TaxRate
  • Payment.ProcessingFeeTaxRate
  • PaymentMethod.Currency
  • PaymentMethod.ProcessingFeePercentage
  • Promotion.DiscountRate
  • Subscription.AutoRenewDue
  • Task.URLToRun
  • Task.PercentageComplete
  • TaxRate.Rate
  • User.PasswordLastUpdatedOn