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7 Apr 2015 5:04 PMUpdate 3.4.16

Fix: Robots.txt was blocking scripts and stylesheets from being loaded by the search engines when indexing.

5 Apr 2015 2:42 PMUpdate 3.4.15

New: Added property Style Classes to Menu Item. This allows you to add CSS classes for styling.

Fix: Found unnecessary recalling of function which would have slowed the application and taken valuable processing power.

17 Feb 2015 3:24 PMUpdate 3.4.14

Fix: User import scripts received an error.

2 Feb 2015 7:56 PMUpdate 3.4.13

Fix: Selecting a promotion based on an order when editing a product would cause that promotion to be based on selected items instead.

Update: Rearrange the invoice totals and renamed Total Outstanding Payment to Balance.

Update: Form field attribute names now inline with HTML5 standards.

22 Jan 2015 2:05 PMUpdate 3.4.12

Update: HTML emails now are sent with an alternative plain text version which is extracted from the HTML.

16 Jan 2015 6:21 PMUpdate 3.4.11

Fix: Expired members were still getting trading item member pricing due to error in function testing if they were a current member.

14 Jan 2015 5:05 PMUpdate 3.4.10

Update: Streamlined the "Send Now" action on the Email business object.

13 Jan 2015 3:08 PMUpdate 3.4.9

Fix: Orders for non-deliverables were including the default freight in the total.

12 Jan 2015 4:59 PMUpdate 3.4.8

New: Added property "Password Last Updated On" to the User object which is set when the password is changed. Anyone with auto-login set prior to that date will be required to login manually.

7 Jan 2015 7:40 PMUpdate 3.4.7

Fix: An order with part payment was not correctly processing the balance payment when paid.

23 Dec 2014 2:45 PMUpdate 3.4.6

Fix: Create Note on User inserted html error into Notes when special character like ampersand was used in the author name.

19 Dec 2014 4:05 PMUpdate 3.4.5

Fix: Error when setting the Base Culture Code.

New: Added "Set Base Culture" to System Configuration menu.

18 Dec 2014 7:51 PMUpdate 3.4.4

New: Added display property "Total Payment Outstanding" to the order and invoice.

Fix: The "Pay" action on an order is now available if there is an outstanding payment required.

17 Dec 2014 5:52 PMUpdate 3.4.3

Fix: The current menu item style was not being set for the home page in some circumstances.

17 Dec 2014 5:01 PMUpdate 3.4.2

New: Upgraded the HTML editor to the latest version.

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